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Amir khan measurement biography n more

Even a Hollywood actor will envy Aamir Khan’s popularity – all films with the participation of an Indian movie star invariably go to the top. The man did not limit himself to acting, Aamir is also known as a director and producer.

Amir khan Net Worth

His Net Worth $ 100 million.

Amir khan  Body Measurements

Amir khan  Body Measurements 42-35-12 Inches. His Chest size 42  Inches, Waist size 35 Inches and Biceps size 12  Inches.

His Height 5 ft 5 in approx. 170  in cm and Weight 67 Kg approx. 172  in Pounds.

Shoe Size 8  (US) and Dress Size 9 (US).

Hair Color Black and Eye Color Dark Black

Amir khan measurement
Amir khan measurement

Childhood and youth

The actor was born in Bombay under the name Mohammad Aamir Hussein Khan, reducing it to a minimum in the future. In an interview, he noted that Hussein is a real surname, while Khan is a clan name, but it sounds nicer.

Aamir is the eldest in the family: later his parents had a son and two daughters. The boy grew up in an atmosphere imbued with the spirit of cinema. The closest relatives, including his father, were directly related to cinema. The head of the family, Tahir Hussein, produced films, an uncle and a cousin found a calling in the directing field, another brother became famous as an actor. The younger generation is also not lagging behind: Imran’s nephew was attracted by the acting path, and today the young man has already become famous as a Bollywood actor.

As a child, Aamir devotedly played tennis, performing at the national championships. The passion for sports was often detrimental to school performance. A little later he became a member of the Avantar theater group, in which he lasted for a year and a half.

Khan changed three schools, later becoming a student at the College of Economics. But, as soon as the standard school curriculum ended, he left the walls of the educational institution, deciding to devote his life to the acting profession.


Aamir Khan made his screen debut in 1973, the boy got a modest episodic role in his uncle’s film Find Each Other. A year later, he flashed again on the film – now in the picture of his cousin. The next appearance on the screen happened in 1985, the young man was invited to his film “Holi” by fellow Ashutosh Govariker, but the work went unnoticed, as did the novice actor.

Personal life

Aamir’s personal life is similar to Indian films. The man is married twice. For the first time he tied the knot with a neighbor named Rina Dutta. The girl differed from the admirer by her religion, but still reciprocated her feelings and agreed to get married. However, the parents did not agree to an “unequal” union, so the young fled, secretly married, and only then came to bow to their relatives.

The wife gave the actor a son and daughter – Dzhunaida and Ira. The marriage lasted 16 years, after the divorce, the children remained with the ex-wife.

The second darling of the hand and heart was the assistant director, and in the future director and producer Kiran Rao. The meeting took place on the set of the film “Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India”. The acquaintance grew into an office romance, and then into an official marriage. In alliance with Rao, Aamir had a son, Azad, born of a surrogate mother.

In 2010, Aamir Khan took a brother suffering from schizophrenia and an elderly mother into the house – his father died. Moreover, three years earlier, the actor was going to take custody of his brother, the case even came to court, which Aamir lost to his dad.

Khan is considered one of the most well-read and intelligent representatives of Bollywood. Knows how to find time for rest and hobbies.

Aamir Khan now

At the beginning of 2018, the premiere of the film “Secret Superstar” took place, in which a talented actor in the background plays a composer helping an aspiring singer to climb the musical Olympus. The film was a dizzying commercial success all over the world.

Now Aamir Khan is involved in the filming of the adventure drama Confessions of Bandits, the plot takes place in the 19th century – Indian robbers rob travelers. The actor tried on the image of the gang leader, colleagues on the set were Amitabh Bachchan , Katrina Kaif , Jackie Shroff . The film is being shot in picturesque Malta and Thailand. The premiere of “Confessions of Bandits” is scheduled for early November 2018.